For years as we as humans evolve our food’s and man made items evolve.

Before we used to eat mostly plants meat and fish.  Then things started been found and made such as preservatives.


Since I can remember growing up most of our meals where deep fat fried.  Chip’s, Sausages, fish fingers and other foods like that.  Do not get me wrong we had other meals such as spaghetti bolognese, and the usual Sunday dinners and Christmas dinners.


Until I had children of my own and left home I never realised the harm this sort of cooking and foods do to your body health and mind.  Yes it took me a while but immediately I changed things.


When I got my own house, I never bought a deep fat fryer, Yes been 18 young and not having knowledge I used and cooked processed frozen, packed, tinned food.  However I took a step in the right direct!  I oven cooked without oils it may not be 100% healthy but far better then what I was brought up on.  Slowly I began to learn to cook and use fresh meat, fish and vegetables.  Slowly over time I learnt how to cook better yes I still used processed foods because I did not know the harm and ingredients that went into them until recently!


I would constantly have health issues, Low iron that every time I got it up it just kept going back down quickly, Low blood counts, Bad bowels, Fatigue, The list was endless!  Doctors gave pills but I did not want to constantly be on medication anymore!


So I started researching,  I then learnt what some of the things in processed foods can do to you and then I learnt what sort of foods can help amazingly a lot of the foods where not available in the UK which meant finding specialist markets or companies onlne that sell products with the ingredients in.  I tried a few products from certain companies which had little or no effect on me.


I have learnt of many products in the last few years that truely help me and my children with our health but the biggest impact is food! Who would have thought it food is one of the biggest things that causes a lot of health issues in people.


The point of this blog is to share what I have experienced and what worked for me recipes, foods and what they are good for and how they can help you but also as a guide to help you change your life!  Everything starts with you I can guide you but only you can take the steps!


So here is me and my family, I am a mum of 5 kids running my own business and working from home and hoping to help others achieve what I have before time goes by to fast.



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